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Brighten up your Hi-Fi listening experience with the new light for vinyl lovers

Audiophiles love this LED task light. While each of us has our favourite cleaning protocol, there has never been a reliable way to highlight the dust that is left on the record’s surface. Using the powerful and flexible UberLight™, you can clearly see all the dust that remains and remove it with a cleaning brush. You will also be able to easily read the dead wax on the record, revealing useful information about the pressing and the history of the recording.
This LED light has been maximized for the audiophile experience. Primary features of this innovative product include:
  • An ergonomic, contemporary design
  • Convenient USB power
  • 270º rotational head
  • 26.5″ sturdy, flexible silicone gooseneck
  • Glare-free lighting
  • Adjustable color temperatures
  • Up to 60,000 hours of usage

Vinyl record playing is back and the experience is made even better with the new UberLight™ Flex from Reliable Corporation. LP sales are exploding worldwide as music listeners go back to the world of analogue sound. Recognising this renaissance, Reliable® leveraged their 17 plus years producing task lighting to create this unique and thoughtful solution that every vinyl user will enjoy.

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