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N.A. Distributors: importers of high end hi-fi, music streaming, home entertainment and custom install brands.

N. A. Distributors is a wholesale distribution company that imports into New Zealand high-end hi-fi, music streaming, home cinema and selected custom install products from the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada.

Originally focused on hi-fi, over the years we’ve added carefully-selected brands that represent the broader home entertainment product range.

The company is owned by Chris Murphy, an audiophile, music-lover and former television technical director. Chris was inspired to form the company in 1987 after hearing music played through a Naim Audio system and subsequently pursuing the New Zealand distributorship.

Chris’ passion for Naim is contagious and his depth of knowledge admirable; he has built a strong reputation in the New Zealand market amongst the Dealer network, customers, and competitors.

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We represent these quality brands:
Naim Audio in New Zealand
Fyne Audio
Rega turntables and electronics New Zealand
Chord Company Cables award-winning cables for audio and video
Totem Acoustics soul-moving loudspeakers from Canade
Quadraspire audio hi-fi furniture NZ
Lyra phono cartridges NZ
DreamVision projectors and digital displays NZ
Specialist tools for custom Installers
High-resolution digital streaming components from China
Handcrafted audiophile masterpieces from Germany
Loudspeaker experts from Germany
Handcrafted home audio electronics from Hungary
Luxury record players, tonearms and audio cables from England
High-performance source components, networked devices and storage
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Latest News from N.A. Distributors

Fresh new look for Rega’s Planar 1 turntable

Rega's iconic Planar 1 record player boasts some new features, including stylish matt black or white finish Rega designed each aspect of the Planar 1 to improve performance. It features a bespoke 24V, low noise, [...]

Melco Audio available now

Melco Audio audiophile-grade source components, high performance networked devices and storage As a music lover you can finally enjoy studio quality Hi-Res digital music without any of the compromises of computers and their peripherals! The [...]

New Rega Kyte bookshelf speaker

Stylish, compact and delivers true Rega sound at an affordable price! The new Rega Kyte compact bookshelf loudspeaker uses Rega’s own ZRR high frequency units and a handmade pair of MX-125 bass-mid drivers. The Kytes [...]

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