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N. A. Distributors New Zealand

Postal address:  P O Box 9187 Marion Square, Wellington 6141
Head Office: 9 Marion Street, Wellington 6011
Phone: +64 4 385 8353

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N.A.Distributors proudly represents these brands in New Zealand:

Abyss High-Performance Luxury Headphones 
ADOT Audiophile Digital Optical Technology fibre upgrade kits 
 High-resolution digital streaming components
AVM Handcrafted audiophile masterpieces from Germany
Chord Company Cables for Hi-Fi, Home Theatre and CI from England
Chord Electronics 
Award-winning hi-fi designed and made in England 
High-end home cinema projectors from France
FinkTeam Loudspeaker Experts from Germany
Fyne Audio High-performance loudspeakers from Scotland
Heed Audio Home audio electronics from Hungary
Linn Iconic turntables, music systems and network players from Scotland
Lyra Specialist Turntable Cartridges from Japan
Melco Audio  High-performance source components, networked devices and music storage
Platinum Tools Innovative CI connectors and tools
Plixir AC and DC power products and accessories 
Performance hi-fi racks and accessories
Rega Research Award-winning British-made home audio equipment
Totem Acoustic Soul-moving loudspeakers from Canada
Vertere Acoustics Luxury record players, tonearms and audio cables from England

Click here to find the New Zealand stockists for each brand.

Servicing and repairs

Should you experience a problem with your equipment from any of our Brands, contact the retail store where you purchased the item, or contact us to find an authorised service centre. Proof of purchase may be required.

Servicing and upgrades for equipment no longer under warranty and/or not purchased in New Zealand will incur a cost.