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Rega’s new Nd3 cartridge is the first in an innovative new cartridge range for 2024

Rega’s all-new Nd3 moving magnet cartridge was developed over 10 years and promises to deliver ‘next level’ performance from moving magnet technology. The Nd range (two more MM cartridges are coming in 2024) is the first in the world to use ultra-high powered Neodymium magnets, which is what allows Rega to create this totally unique design.

Each Nd3 is meticulously hand-made by Rega’s highly skilled technicians. The design uses brand new generator geometry with perfect symmetry to achieve accurate channel balance. The Nd3 also has an optimised pole gap for superior linearity and cross talk characteristics, this provides a far wider soundstage than the previous models.

This new cartridge is created with miniaturised parallel coils which are wound in house utilising 38-micron wire with just 1275 turns. This produces a low inductance, low impedance generator giving vastly improved high frequency response.

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