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Chord Electronics’ award-winning Mojo is reengineered

The original Mojo was a genre-defining portable DAC/headphone amplifier. Almost seven years later, Chord Electronics has revisited, reimagined and reengineered the award-winning original with ground-breaking, world-first technology.

UK designed, engineered and built with class-leading technical performance and build quality, Mojo 2’s features include:

  • New ‘UHD DSP’: The world’s first lossless DSP: unrivalled compatibility with any headphone.
  • New USB-C data input: Fourth digital input for increased flexibility
  • New menu system and button: Easy navigation of the new UHD DSP features
  • Better battery/charging: FPGA-management; faster, cooler charging; capacity up 9 %
  • Better sound: DC-coupled, digital DC servo, improved proprietary WTA filter, 40,960 taps and 40 DSP cores, improved noise-shaper, improved 4e Pulse Array DAC, plus more neutral.

Find out where to buy Mojo 2 in New Zealand here.

Find out more about Chord Electronics here.

Read more at the Chord Electronics website.

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