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Brighten up your Hi-Fi listening experience

The UberLight Flex LED Audiophile light is the new must-have accessory for music enthusiasts!

Vinyl record playing is back and the experience is made even better with the new UberLight™ Flex from Reliable Corporation. LP sales are exploding worldwide as music listeners go back to the world of analogue sound. Recognising this renaissance, Reliable® leveraged their 17 plus years producing task lighting to create this unique and thoughtful solution that every vinyl user will enjoy.

The bane of all records is dust, and while you may think that you’ve removed all of the dust on your vinyl with your record brush, the truth is you cannot remove what you can’t see. With the UberLight™ Flex, the record surface is brightened, and the dust that has been left over is easily visible. You may spend a bit more time cleaning but for those that care, the clearer sound will result in a far more enjoyable listening experience.

For the avid record collector, the information that is in the dead wax is often vital to establish the heritage of that record’s mastering and pressing. Using the UberLight™ Flex, the information in the dead wax is highlighted by the LED panel. No more squinting!

The UberLight™ Flex is also extremely helpful in finding the lead-in groove on the record, making those troubling “skating” motions of your stylus a thing of the past. If you need to change your cartridge, the UberLight™ Flex will provide the light necessary to complete the task with a great

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