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Coming to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch early in 2018

To celebrate the arrival of Focal Loudspeakers in store, these three home audio specialist stores will hold special events in the early part of 2018!


Shore Hi-Fi
Email for more details: info@shorehifi.co.nz



The Real Music Company
Email for more details: shopteam@hi-fi.co.nz



Email for more details: info@purehifi.co.nz


Find out where can you hear the Naim Statement system…

Lucky Wellington! Currently our Naim Statement system is at The Real Music Company – the full Statement System includes Statement Amplification (pictured), 555 Power Supplies, NDS Reference Network Media Player, and Super Lumina high-end Cables.

Contact the team at The Real Music Company for more details: shopteam@hi-fi.co.nz


Keep checking this page for information on Events and Shows in New Zealand and Australia.

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